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Understanding what Coodesh Assessment is for businesses
Understanding what Coodesh Assessment is for businesses

Learn about the assessments applied for tech professionals.

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Coodesh Assessment is a product focused on assessing technology professionals, primarily developers.

By "Assessment," one can understand the package of challenges that includes the following types:

  • Questionnaire

  • Programming

  • Project

  • Soft Skill

  • Scorecard

Each of the mentioned challenges has different resolution dynamics and specific scores. All evaluate the hard skills of the candidates, except for the Soft skills, which looks at the personality of the evaluated person.

The tech recruiter responsible for the job on the platform can create the number of assessments according to the contracted plan. You can create as many assessments as you want, but if your plan is credit-based, you will have a specific number of results to evaluate. Therefore, check the plan for the exact information.

There is no limit to the tests you can include in the assessment, but it is worth noting that the recommendation is not to exceed 5 tests to avoid making the assessment too tiring for the candidate.

The exception is the project, where only one can be added.

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